Interior design

Inspiration for your new home

So you've decided to buy an apartment?
Let our interior design help you design and decorate your new apartment.

Choose from different tiles and floor coverings, different fittings and door handles and take advantage of our selection of materials, shapes and colours. For every object, our specialists select different, stylistically matching configuration variations that you can mix and match freely.

Of course we also offer additional consulting to explore the possibility of adjusting blueprints, moving walls and making changes in the electrical planning. Ask us for an individual offer for these services. We will assign you a contact person for lighting and installation concepts on request.


Object and site selection

Where is the best place to live?
Which districts and locations do you like best? How do you want to live in future?

These are the core questions that are decisive for the selection of properties and objects that we include in our portfolio.

An important argument for a new object is always the question whether one would like to live there oneself and whether the environment is suitable for me and my needs. Our specialisation in residential real estate makes it possible to take long-term residential trends into account in the selection of the objects. This means that we can recognise possible factors in the environment that can affect the later living quality at an early stage.


Contract support

Making contracts comprehensible

We've all been there. You get a contract that you can read – but do you really understand it? Is it clear what obligations I'm entering into in the long term and what effect this has on my life and my finances? Do I know exactly what I am getting for my investment and what I'm not getting?

We see it as our responsibility to close comprehensible contracts that leave no questions unaddressed. Our colleagues out from the legal support department know their way around purchase agreements, partition deeds, builder regulations etc. and can explain them in an understandable way.

Talk to us, get to know us – our job is to make complex legal issues easy to understand.


We keep the planning during bidding, contract negotiations, procurement as well as project management and construction management under one roof.

Our own control system ensures that costs are under control and budgets are adhered to.

Our own interior design team ensures the implementation of individual customers' wishes from building implementation to final approval.


Project development

Realising visions, creating value and maintaining an overview.

Project managers play an important role in the realisation of our objects. They optimise communication between planners and contractors and ensure that their individual wishes are implemented – so they are your contact person for everything we do.

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